Most days the only thing separating pajamas from an “outfit” is a bra (and sometimes not even that) so makeup is the last thing on my mind. There are times, however, where I feel like I need a little extra. That’s when I trade out the yoga pants for some jeans, whip out my drugstore makeup and do my best to make myself presentable. After a few years of trial and error here is my technique to quickly and easily go from I literally woke up like this to

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well at least enough to have the townspeople not chase you with pitchforks…

So here’s my starting point. It’s actually a perfect day for me to be doing this tutorial because I’m looking pretty rough. My 5-year-old was sick last night so I got almost no sleep and I feel like it’s showing.


Step 1

I start with this tinted moisturizer. I feel that this gives enough coverage for every-day and I love that it has the SPF. I apply it with my fingers, but I’m sure you can use a beauty sponge or brush, whatever works for you.

20170510_110025 (1)

Step 2

Now that we’re all nice and washed out, we need some contour. Don’t worry, this is not the crazy contouring that’s going to leave you in front of the mirror for an hour, just one simple step to add some color and dimension. I use a large fan brush that I got in a brush set like this and apply the contour powder from this pallet. Brush in a sweeping motion from about the corner of your mouth to the middle of your ear, tracing under your cheek bone where the shadow would be naturally.

20170510_110221 (1)

I like to add a small amount along my hairline and blend gently down my forehead and blend some below my jawline down my throat to try to hide my *cough*doublechin*cough*. I don’t know if it does much, but it makes me feel a little better about it and that’s the whole point of makeup, really, right?

20170510_110250 (1)

Step 3

To compliment the contour we need a little bit of highlight. I use this and I apply it in an upside down triangle between my eyebrows, in a stripe at the top of my cheekbones, a stripe down the center of my nose and a little bit on my cupid’s bow and then I blend it in using a powder brush from the brush set I linked above.

20170510_110444 (1)

Step 4

For my eyes, I use this pallet and I use the included brush. With the soft round end of the brush, I bring in the second from the last shade, a dark brown into the outside of my eye. I am not a makeup girl, so bear with me as I try to explain this… I use gentle circular motions to brush the color from the outer edge of my eyelid to about the center. I go up til it’s just brushing over my brow bone. Then I switch ends of the brush and pat on the second color in the pallet, a soft pinky sparkly color, onto the remaining part of my eyelid. Here’s the photo, hope this makes sense!

20170510_111058 (1)

Step 5

Next, I line my upper waterline and add mascara to top and bottom lashes. I tend not to go heavy on the bottom of my eyes because I feel like it closes my eyes off too much with my glasses.

Here are my current favorite eyeliner and mascara.

20170510_111302 (1)

Step 6

The last thing I add is some lip gloss. I use whatever I have on hand, something super cheap and simple from Dollar Tree or something a little fancier like Kylie Cosmetics, literally just whatever is in front of me in that moment. Right now, I’ve been into this Sephora one. I think it’s a really nice color and very long lasting.

20170510_111644 (1).jpg

I don’t think I’ll be getting any casting directors knocking my door down, but I do think it’s a big improvement from the sleepy mom who just rolled out of bed! With taking photos and everything this look only took about 15 minutes so it should be a pretty quick and easy way to add some glamour to your day. Enjoy!!