I’m a bit ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I have indeed spent my fair share of time fighting a losing battle with nicotine addiction.  When I got pregnant with my first little girl I quit smoking the whole pregnancy and while I was nursing but then somehow picked it back up. When I got pregnant with my second daughter I quit again and while I was still nursing her I started my surrogacy journey (see my blog here to learn more about my surrogacies) and I was able to stay away from smoking through two surrogacy pregnancies and milk pumping. During that time my brother moved in with me and my family, my brother who smokes. He never pressured me or even smoked around me, but I did know every time the door would open and close downstairs that he was going out for a cigarette. One day I asked him for one and that was it, I was back to being a smoker.

A few things came together at the same time for me that made me realize it was time to quit, this time for good. My five year old asked me once as I was going out to the patio “are you going out to breath fire?” – I’ve been very careful not to let them ever see me smoke because I was so embarrassed and I knew it wasn’t great for them to see, but here she was knowing exactly what I’d been doing. Man, was a fooling myself! Then my husband and I decided we’d like to start trying to have another baby of our own which would mean I would have to quit smoking again, at least for a while. This was all mid-December and we were also just finding out about this company Purium (learn more about them here). We decided we wanted to do a 10-Day Transformation where you basically reset the clock on your body and are able to start fresh with treating yourself right to start. Since we were so close to New Year’s Day it just seemed right to start 2017 off with this cleanse and I decided that it would be best to just go ahead and tack quitting smoking on there with it all. Let me tell you, it worked! Here’s how I used to Purium 10-day Transformation to quit smoking for good.

During the 10-Day Transformation, you basically eat only a few vegetables, take some supplements, and drink green shakes and cherry juice. The first 2 days for me were AWFUL. I was starving, I wanted a cigarette, I had no energy and I was grumpy and generally miserable. I thought about quitting like 5,000 times at least during those days. But I stuck with it and you know what? It got better and easier! By day 4, I seriously wasn’t even feeling hungry. I had normal energy and I felt good. Like really good. However, around day 6 things took a turn for me.

I did something very wrong that I hope you do not do; I kept smoking like normal until the day before the cleanse and then I just stopped cold turkey at the same time as starting the cleanse. I did the same thing with meat, dairy, and coffee which is something Purium does NOT recommend. You really need the spend the week before the cleanse working on slowly limiting these items so that your body doesn’t go into shock when you abruptly stop all of them. The combination of supplements and green shakes did exactly what they were supposed to do in that they flushed all the toxins from the abuse I’ve inflicted on my body to the surface. The problem for me was that because I hadn’t weaned myself down from smoking at all, it was a real shock for my body and my lungs paid the price. I developed a 105-degree fever and a nasty case of pneumonia. At one point I was so miserably ill that I was pacing the floor just searching for some way to keep my mind off of how I was feeling and my husband said to me “I’ve never seen you like this” to which I explained to him for the hundredth time “I’ve NEVER felt like this”. I’ve had my appendix rupture, 4 pregnancies, 3 deliveries and an emergency c-section and I can tell you, this was the worst I ever remember feeling. But I’m not telling you this to discourage you, rather encourage you because, guys, this was the rock bottom my body had to get to in order expel all the nasty junk and it has been all uphill from there!

I finished out my cleanse, but introduced some soup into my diet to help heal from pneumonia and still lost 17 lbs. Since then I’ve been maintaining my Purium diet with my own variation of the basic Core3 – I have 5 Super Aminos in the morning before I do my fasted cardio, I replace a lunch “meal” with a L.O.V. vanilla chai shake and I have some cherry juice before bed. I’ve been really happy with the difference I’ve seen in my life over the last 5 months. I feel like I have more energy, I’m in a better mood most of the time and it feels good to be doing something right for my body. The best part though, I’ve totally quit smoking! I don’t even want to smoke anymore, it’s reset me back to zero and I couldn’t be happier. I definitely recommend this cleanse to anyone trying to change something in their lives, whether it is physical like starting a new diet or spiritual like moving on to a new chapter in your life, this cleanse will help you feel like a new person. Did I mention they have products for kids too? I make my girls a kids chocolate banana protein shake before every ballet class and anytime I need a quick breakfast for them in the morning. They LOVE them and don’t realize all the nutrients they’re getting from the organic, live, whole food supplements Purium loads their products with.

Right now you can get $50 off your first Purium order by clicking here and entering in code Puriyum. Honestly, this stuff will change your life if you let it!